About us - The Gentle Gin Story

We are pleased that you want to learn more about the history and philosophy of Gentle Gin. But be careful, it could change your understanding of gin and taste forever!

The birth of an adventure

Our story begins in 2015 in the vibrant metropolis of Berlin. "Stani", a passionate gin maker and globetrotter, felt that the gin world needed a little more adventure, uniqueness and above all taste. And so Gentle Gin was born.

Our founder

Stani is more than just the founder of Gentle Gin. He is a rebel with a palate for indulgence and a connoisseur of fine spices. His knowledge and passion for gin and the fine nuances of taste are what make Gentle Gin so unique. Stani sees every day as a new opportunity to explore the world of flavors and create the perfect gin.

our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: we want to awaken and inspire the taste buds of the world. We believe gin can be more than just juniper, it can be a kaleidoscope of flavors and experiences if you let it.

That's why our juniper flavor is deliberately kept light to make room for other flavor components. And because we're always looking for the next adventure, we love to play with natural colors sourced from our carefully selected spices, herbs and flowers.

Our creations

Our four gins - Saffron, Tea Dry, Pink One and Tea Blue - are more than just spirits. They are taste expeditions that take you to places you've never been before. Every drop contains a piece of our Berlin heart, our passion and our adventure.

our mission

Our mission is to redefine the world of gin, to challenge the status quo and to inspire anew every day. Gentle Gin is not just about drinking a good gin. It's about pushing boundaries, discovering the unexpected and living life to the fullest with all its flavors.

Join the Gentle Revolution

Now it's your turn. Are you ready to dive into the wonderful world of flavors with us? Are you ready to explore the unexpected and break the rules?

Welcome to Gentle Gin from Berlin, where the adventure begins. Bottom up!