Gentle Gin Tea Blue Rezept: Blue Bombshell

Gentle Gin Tea Blue Recipe: Blue Bombshell

Refreshing, daring and a real eye-catcher - that's the Blue Bombshell. A gin and tonic recipe that combines the exquisite Gentle Gin Tea Blue with the sparkling Thomas Henry Tonic to create an unforgettable taste experience. Let yourself be enchanted by the rich colors and fascinating aromas of this cocktail and enjoy a touch of magic in your glass.



Fill a highball or copa glass with ice cubes. Then pour 5 cl of Gentle Gin Tea Blue over the ice and experience how the color changes from sapphire blue to magical violet. Then top up the glass with 15cl of sparkling Thomas Henry Dry Tonic and stir the cocktail gently to blend the flavours.

Decorate your exquisite drink with some blue berries and a slice of lime on the rim of the glass. And voila, your Blue Bombshell is ready to enjoy!

Pleasure tip:

With this tonic, not only the color comes into play, but also the fruity taste. So go ahead, boldly plunge into this collision of flavor notes and experience a blast of pleasure.

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