Gentle gin is produced from finely brewed, small batch hand crafted alcohol, from local German grain. It is then double distilled in a traditional hand hammered copper still by master distiller and horticultural expert Marcus O'Shea. Between distillations, our spirit is triple filtered using Gentle Gin's special gravity filter, producing an unbelievably smooth base spirit that blends perfectly with our high quality botanical ingredients, directly sourced from carefully selected farmers of our trust.

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Element 2@1x

An indian inspired blend of Turmeric root, Coriander seed, Juniper and Grapefruit peel, plus a secret additional herb grown personally by the crew of Gentle Gin, are infused through a second distillation and finished of with a cold infusion of saffron, creating a rich and gentle golden gin. A subtle mix of spice and citrus with an earthy undertone make it perfect for sipping over ice or for spicing up a cocktail.

Element 4@1x

Not content to create another standard London Dry, Gentle Gin‘s distiller and horticulturalist blended together his love of tea with his love of fine spirits, creating Gentle Gin Dry Tea.
The classic dry botanical base is enliven with the crisp flavour of borage flowers and a blend of organic, handpicked Earl Grey and Pai Mu Dan teas, resulting in a delicate and complex blend that can be sipped over ice or mixed in more classic gin cocktails.

Element 3@1x

We love our classic dry and sophisticated saffron blends, but sometimes you’ve just gotta let loose and have a little fun. Gentle Gin Pink One is our youngest and funnest new gin to join the family. Tropical nights and garden parties mingle together with Pink One. Made with a botanical blend of pink pepper, rose, lavender, grapefruit and tropical verbena, then infused with a kick of jamaican hibiscus, Gentle Gin Pink One delivers a subtle flirtation of spice beneath a gentle island breeze of fruit and floral flavour.